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Do you measure your productivity by tickets closed? Do you have a healthy distrust of any software that isn't COTS provided with a hefty enterprise license and a team of contractors for support? Do you have a general distrust of any automation created in your own company? If you answered yes to any of those, this is the conference for you!

  • Networking with ticket system vendors
  • Learn cutting edge techniques such as 'one ticket to rule them all' and 'using four ticketing systems for the same thing but respond to only one of them randomly'
  • Get inspired by record breaking ticket closers
  • The most fun and obscure field names you should be using and making required in a ticket
  • Throw rotten garbage at developers
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  • Location Kafka Hall, NY, USA
  • Date & Time 10am - 7pm, 23rd Aug
  • Speakers 45 Professionals
  • Seats 1000 People

Why You Should Join?

It's time to take ticketing culture to the next level. Take control. Stop mindless productivity. Track everything.
Be part of the ticketing revolution where instead of following the crowd and making change, we're stopping change!

Great Speakers

Hear from the best in the ticketing business. All your favourite ticket culture personalities at one event.


Like Minded People

Enjoy the company of people who detest idiots who can't fill in a ticket exactly right, just as much as you do.


Global Event

Learn how tickets are being leveraged all around the world to maximise meta work.


Get Inspired

Did you know you can get highly skilled knowledge workers to spend most of their time filling in tickets? Be inspired by stories like this.


Ticket Awards

See how the best in the world are doing it. Most tickets closed in a day. Fastest rejected ticket. Most fields in a ticket and much much more.


Create Tickets with Friends

Get to try out the latest in ticket creation technology with your friends and colleagues.









Event Schedules

Learn from the best in this amazing array of workshops from the top names in the industry
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9.30 - 10.30 AM Workshop

Are you and your team constantly trying to get to ticket paradise but seem to be stuck in ticket purgatory? In this session you will learn techniques to keep your team on the right track, maximising ticket production and sending anti tickets, self service loving detractors straight to the inferno.

Location: Purgatorio Room, 1st Floor.
10.30 - 11.30 AM Workshop

Any good ticket aficionado knows that a single source of truth only means a single source of failure and responsibility. By leveraging many systems at once, e.g. Remedy, ServiceNow and Jira, you keep the ticket skills in your company sharp and the numbers of tickets high. In this session you will learn the techniques to properly employ multiple systems simultaneously. How to randomly pick which one to respond to each day and how to appropriately punish those who can't figure out the right system to use at any given time.

Location: The Paperclip Room, 2nd Floor. Heil Hydra!
11.30 - 12.30 AM Workshop

There has been a troubling trend in our industry towards making tickets "simpler" or "easy". This is wrong. In this session we will look at how to make a ticket so beautiful and complex it could act as a Lemarchand Configuration with the power to summon the Cenobites. Let us bring life back to the art that is a ticket configuration and sort the weak from the strong in our organisations.

Location: The Toll Room, 1st Floor
9.30 - 10.30 AM Workshop

No one, nothing is smarter than The Krang. That said, you, a ticket author, may come close. We will look at how to make the smartest tickets possible. So smart that you can easily spot your idiot coworkers who don't know how to fill it in correctly. Learn how to spot an idiot ticket and how to feel justified in immediately closing it without explanation.

Location: Technodrome Room, 2nd Floor
10.30 - 11.30 AM Workshop

Your colleagues need to be more like Atreyu when it comes to tickets. Much like the swamp of sadness, they need to really believe to get through the processes we create. My role was to show what happens to those who stop believing. You think all these tickets are useless? You stop listening to the ticket-masters? Gloop! You're gone. In this session we will look at how to ensure you weed out all the non believers and your organisation becomes, in the truest sense, a Swamp of Sadness.

Location: The Never-ending Room, 1st Floor
11.30 - 12.30 AM Workshop

How to automate your ticket workflows to ensure all redundant tickets assigned to 19 people who don't know each other stay in sync.

Location: Transition Room, 2nd Floor
9.30 - 10.30 AM Workshop

How to ensure not a single line of code exists that cannot be traced back to an immortal, perfect ticket.

Location: Citadel Room, 3rd Floor
10.30 - 11.30 AM Workshop


Location: someplace
11.30 - 12.30 AM Workshop


Location: someplace

Our Speakers

Tickets are not merely a tool or simply a part of your workflow. They're a way of life.
Hear from the people living and breathing tickets each and every day.

Donal Trump

Ticket philantorpist

Kim Jong Un

Global leader and ticket enthusiast

Rupert Murdoch

Ticket publisher

Charles Koch

Ticket magnate

Meet all speakers

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